Terms and Conditions

www.AntiqueForSale.co.uk Dealer Terms & Conditions

Below you will find Antique For Sale's most up to date terms and conditions which apply to dealers with products for sale on the web portal www.antiqueforsale.co.uk

All queries regarding these terms and conditions need to be directed to Charles Heartworth at info@antiqueforsale.co.uk

Antique For Sale Terms and Conditions (effective until revised)

Definitions Used In These Terms

“AFS” means AntiqueForSale.co.uk which is a wholly owned subsidery of Strong Point Ltd (registered number 8474247).

"Confirmation" means our e-mail confirmation to you that you have become a Registered Dealer.

"Content" means the data, text, information, adverts, messages, details, screen names, photographs, graphics, software, files, sounds, static and mobile images and all other material featured or hosted on AntiqueForSale.co.uk.

"Items" means all goods offered for sale on AntiqueForSale.co.uk.

"Post" means display, exhibit, publish, distribute, upload, transmit and/or disclose and the words "Posted" and "Posting" shall be interpreted accordingly.

"Registered Dealer" means anyone who has a AntiqueForSale.co.uk account.

“Visitor” means those viewing Registered Dealers products within the AFS web portal and/or the Registered Dealers bespoke website

"Services" means all or any services provided by us through AntiqueForSale.co.uk including without limitation via our on-line market place or other business avenue.

"Terms" means these Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy and any documents to which they refer.

1) All content including images and descriptions are to be supplied by the Registered Dealer. It is the Registered Dealers full responsibility to obtain any copyright clearance for any materials / text supplied if required. The Registered Dealer or their agents (acting on their behalf) will be solely liable with regard to any images and text supplied by them to Antique For Sale.

2) The design of the Registered Dealers bespoke website will be of a similar format to other sites on the AFS portal site, unless otherwise stated, and will change with site development program.

3) All updates are through AFS. The client does not have access to the web space save for areas within their control panel.

4) Where any loss of service occurs on the website, howsoever caused, Antique For Sale will not have liability for downtime or provide recompense of any form.

5) Emails sent via the visitor contact form will be forwarded to the Registered Dealers own email address provided.

6) All transactions occur between the AFS visitor and the Registered Dealer. Antique For Sale will not take part in any transactions, contracts, negotiating or commercial aspects of the communications between the parties and accepts no liability for any such. A Registered Dealer appearing on the Antique For Sale website does not represent an endorsement/recommendation by Antique For Sale for that particular seller or their product. Both buyers and sellers should wholly use their own judgement, and perform their own checks and due diligence regarding all transactions and business undertaken.

7) If you have not taken the photographs yourself then you must obtain full copyright clearance for any images prior to uploading them to the www.antiqueforsale.co.uk website. By submitting an image to the www.antiqueforsale.co.uk website you agree that it is solely your responsibility to pay all copyright / licencing fees associated with the use of the image(s) and www.antiqueforsale.co.uk will not be made liable in any way. Antique For Sale reserve the right, without cost, to use any images and text submitted or taken on behalf of the client for their website in any Antique For Sale promotional activities.

8) Antique For Sale reserve the right at any time to refuse or remove any items submitted to the selection if it is felt that they do not fit with the appropriate standard, including but not limited to, photographic quality, description, type, or condition. Antique For Sale will have sole discretion regarding an items suitability and will make judgement if they are in conflict with any of the terms and conditions existing currently or in the future. It is forbidden to add links, logos, web addresses, email addresses, or watermarks to any submitted descriptions/details or photographs, including items of stock.

9) The Registered Dealer name used within the the AFS website should be the same as the dealers usual trading name.

10) Listing charges, when applicable are on a per item basis. Individual items are added to the Registered Dealers account on a daily basis at the time of listing and extend until the same date the following month.

11) Registered Dealers agree to promptly mark as sold items which are no longer available for sale. Items may only be listed once and must be within the correct category and dateline.

12) Registered Dealers must only submit stock which is in their possession and is available for sale. In the case of those submitting product on behalf of an antiques centre it is the responsibility of the individual listing the item to ensure that AFS guidelines are adhered to.

13) Antique For Sale reserve the right to terminate any Registered Dealer agreement if the dealer becomes insolvent, enters liquidation, or acts in such a way as to bring the AFS web portal into disrepute.

14) Registered Dealers undertake to settle their account at the time due and accept that failure to do so will result in their listings being removed from AFS until such time as payments are made in full.

15) It is expressly forbidden for Registered Dealers to make their control panel passwords or login details available to anyone outside of their business.

16) AFS reserve the right to make charges for those wishing to use XML feeds into the site. Permission is required at the outset for this facility.

17) Any content posted to AFS will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. By posting content you grant to AFS's parent company an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty free and sub-licensable licence and right to use, copy, distribute and disclose to third parties any such post and content for any purpose.

18) These terms apply to all data provided through the AFS website or any one of the group of websites which is owned by the parent company. By giving information to AFS or AFS's parent company you agree that it will be shared with The parent companies group of companies and partners, subject to the policies set out.

19) Becoming a Registered Dealer is acceptance of the terms and conditions in full.