Dealers FAQs


What is the criteria to become a Registered Dealer on
Any U.K. company whose primary business activity is selling antique items, either through retail or trade channels, is welcome to apply for Dealer status. Dealers must abide by the Code of Practice.

Are there restrictions regarding what items we can offer for sale on ?
The focus of the website is antique sales. Whilst there are obvious defined datelines, which are evident when uploading stock, considerations may be made for stock which represents quality modern classic articles and notable reproduction pieces provided they are put within the correct section at time of upload and not mis-represented.

How is the quality of the listings maintained?
Dealers are asked to sign up to a Code of Practice when applying to become a registered dealer. This requires them to accurately represent their products, not to repeat listings and not to offer anything for sale that would bring the site into disrepute. Any items that are deemed to break the Code will be suspended until a ruling is made – the managements decision is final! We are looking to build a community of happy dealers and help sell their stock, we rely upon our members to help police the stock and weed out the bandits.

Is there an annual fee?
There is no annual fee for selling your inventory on our site

Is there a monthly fee charged?
There is no fixed monthly fee for selling via

Is there an additional fee to upload extra images?
No, all listings allow unlimited Hi-Res images to be uploaded. All images above a certain resolution will benefit from ‘zoom’ feature with no extra fee payable.

Are there any other costs that I need to be aware of?
No, for a Registered Dealer, the only cost incurred is related to the number of antiques that you choose to market via The site offers tremendous value - for example if an antique takes 2 months to sell your cost will be just 98p!

How do we settle our fees?
For ease of billing we have an in-built PayPal function. If you do not have a PayPal account yet then it is free to get one. When you log-in as a Dealer you can see, and print out if necessary, each months invoice detailing every item listed in that month. You will be reminded to enter your personal PayPal details and the payment happens seamlessly.


How many items can I list at any time?
There is no restriction to the number of antiques that any Registered Dealer can list.

Is it easy to list an item for sale?
Our 'Registered Dealer Dashboard' gives you easy access to the simple to use uploading suite. It takes only a few minutes to complete each item and they are live and available for sale to the whole World instantly.

How many images can I upload?
You can upload as many images as you wish without penalty.

Do I get my own website?
All Registered Dealers benefit from their own mini-site within our main site.

We market our antiques through an antique centre - can this be catered for?
Yes we are pleased to work with antique centres. Either one person can have the responsibility for managing the stock updates on our site for the whole centre, or you can individually have your own Registered Dealer status and use a common business address.

I have my own website presently - is it possible to upload my stock directly onto in an automatic process?
This is possible in some instances. It will depend on where your website is hosted and who the controlling company is. Please feel free to enquire regarding this.