The London Clockmaker

The London Clockmaker is based in London, and has been trading since 1973.

Since completing his apprenticeship in Hampshire, he has gained considerable knowledge and expertise in the conservation, restoration and authentication of French Empire Clocks.

His extensive and enviable stock list is unrivalled in London, the EU and probably the world. All clocks sold by Robert McMillan are covered by guarantee.

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A Lady At Her Ease. French Empire Mantle Clock

Atop of the gilded and bronzed ormolu case is a cast and chased gilded figuer of a lady at her ease sitting on a bronzed knowle, surrounded by folage.8 day duration with a anchor escapement, silk susp…


French Table Clock Circa 1880

This fine french cast and chased gilded table clock was retailed by j.W.Benson and made in paris circa 1880 and has red silk backing the peircings.The movement is of 8 day duration, anchor escapment,…


French Lyre Clock Circa 1822

A fine gilded and white marble lyre clock. Of 8 day duration, countwheel striking on a bell. The swinging 3 rod bi-metallc pendulum mounted with a ring of paste diamonds. Signed cronier of paris on a…


French Four Glass Parisian Regulator

French four glass parisian regulator clock. Seiral number 2660. It is of 8 day duration, rack striking on a bell, steel suspension and anchor escapment and is fitted with a mercury filled temperature…


French Four Glass Parisian Regulator Clock

This fine french gilt four glass parisian regulator clock was made in 1890. The movment is of 8-day duration, rack striking on a gong, steel suspension, anchor and a white enamel dial.…



This is a french bronze and gilt mantle clock depicting " homer " it was made circa 1810.The clock has an 8 day original movement which strikes the hours on a bell and was made by "n.Fachau a etampes"…


Mercury Mantle Clock

French bronze and gilded mantle clock. This fine clock has a magnificent gilded cast and chased figuer of the roman god mercury or greek god hermes. He is reconised as the god of financial gain and m…


French Four Pillar Portico Clock

French ebonised pear wood 4 pillar portico clock. French polished wood case with gilded ormolu mounts. Of 8 day duration, with a temperature compensated pendulum. A silvered dial with roman numerals.…


Venus And Adonis

The theme of thid fantastic clock is "love". It is depicting venus and adonis. It has a gilded ormolu relief plaque showing victory through knowledge and love, circa 1810the movement is of 8 day durat…


Venitian Lions French Empire Mantle Clock

This fine clock represents the venitian republic illustrated here by the winged lions of venice. The upper friezes are acanthus leaves, and the feet laurel leaves and poppy flowers.…


French Impressive Table Clock

Very impresive french table gilded clock. With a cast and pierced case and backed with red silk. Retailed by j.W.Benson seiral no. 31596. Made by and signed japy freres of paris. The movement is of 8…


Le Roy Et Fils (trophy Clock)

This fine french empire gilded and silvered mantle clock. Made and signed le roy et fils of paris circa 1812.The theme of this clock is "power" the tazer with swann neck handles and case quarter colu…


English Georgian Bracket Clock By Strange Of Banbury

Mahogany english bracket clock circa 1780 made by and signed strange of banbury. Inlayed case with brass. Glazed back door. Brass feet and pirced side pannels backed with cream silk. The movment is of…


French White Marble And Gilded Mantle Clock

French white marble and gilded mantle clock. Circa 1880seiral no. 4519 a white marble carcas adorned with gilded ormolu swags, pierced tracery and mounts. Made and signed vincenti of paristhe movemen…


Young Prince With Mace French Clock

This fine french empire gilded and bronze clock signed and made by honore pons of paris. Dated 1827.The bronze case is surmounted by a young prince with a mace, symbolising the " kings power" . In anc…


French Empire

This fine french empire bronze and gilded clock. Circa 1810 although unsigned made by a fine parisien maker. The theme of this clock is "beauty" and is depicted by showing that, through the torch of…


Lonicera, French Mantle Clock

French gilded mantle clock circa 1840. With visable blue silks behind pierced brass plates.The case is surmounted by flowers.Of 8 day duration, fitted with a anchor escapment and steel suspension. Rac…


French Bronze Empire Mantle Clock. Circa 1810

This fine clock is surmounted by a trophy ( tazer ) of bronze and gilt. Below the dial is a applied gilt mount of two seraphins supporting pomegranates and laurel leaves either side of a globe, surmou…


French Empire Bronze And Gilt Mantle Clock Circa 1840

French empire bronze and gilt mantle clock circa 1840…


French Table Clock, Circa 1885

This fine french table clock was made and signed f.Marti a good clockmaker of paris.The movement is of 8 day duration, steel suspension with a anchor escapment. It has rack striking on a gong.…


French Four Glass Oval Parisian Regulator Clock

This fine french four glass parisian regulator table clock is gilded and has beveled edge glasses.The movement is of 8 day duration, rack striking on a gong. Anchor escapment with steel suspension and…


French Gilded Table Clock. Circa 1850

This fine french gilded table clock was made and signed by billard of paris.The movement is of 8 day duration, steel suspension and anchor escapement. Rack striking on a gong.…


Aristides The Just

This fine empire bronze and gilded mantle clock depicts "aristides the just". He was thus named because he was populary reconized as never seeking personal glory or financial gain in his public servic…


Berger Et Coquette Or The Hansom Shepard

This fine french mantle clock is of a shepard. And is surounded by sprigs of honeysuckle. Circa 1860the movement is of 8 day duration, anchor escapment with a silk suspension. Count wheel striking on…