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Antique Pocket Telescope, Three Draw, Refractor, English, Victorian, Circa 1900

This is an antique pocket telescope, a three draw refractor for terrestrial or astronomical use. An english victorian scope dating to the late 19th century circa 1900.Perfect for bird watching, landsc…


Antique Foot Stool, English, Victorian, Beadwork, Carriage Rest, Circa 1870

This is an antique foot stool, an english, victorian, beadwork, carriage foot rest dating to the mid 19th century, circa 1870.Attractive colour to the dark walnut framesrnbroad aprons display good col…


Small Carved Occasional Table, Early 20th Century, Asian Origins, Circa 1920

This is a small occasional table dating to the early 20th century and of asian origins.Delightful carved decoration over textured backgroundrndepicting fruit and foliate detailrnheart shaped with a ch…


Blue And White Chinese Flower Vase, Ceramic, China Pottery Mid/late C20th

This is a blue and white, chinese flower vase, a ceramic piece dating to the mid - late 20th century.Of classic form with reeded bowlrnin good condition throughout, free from damagernunmarked base dis…


Large Vintage Wall Sconce, 20th Century Rococo Revival, Girandole, Candle Stand

This is a large vintage wall sconce, a 20th century, rococo revival, girandole candle stand.Long and sinuous foliate formrnattractive wall hanging candle sconcernof natural form finished in a golden l…


Large Antique Log Bin, Coal Purdonium, Edwardian, Fireside, Circa 1910

This is a large antique log bin, a coal purdonium from the edwardian fireside dating to circa 1910.Very versatile offering use for coal, logs or kindling, or simply as a decorative itemrndelightful bi…


Vintage Ceramic Plant Stand, Floral, Portuguese, Cercapia, Late C20th

This is a vintage ceramic plant stand, a florally decorated, portuguese cercapia china table, dating to the late 20th century.Of classic form and in good proportionrnof quality craftsmanship, free fro…


Antique Telescope, Three Draw, Refractor, English Victorian, Spotter, Circa 1880

This is an antique telescope, a three draw refractor for terrestrial or astronomical use. An english, victorian spotter scope dating to circa 1880.Perfect for bird watching, landscape appreciation, wi…


Vintage Ceramic Jardiniere, Floral, Portuguese, Cercapia, Late C20th

This is a vintage ceramic jardiniere, a florally decorated, portuguese cercapia china table, dating to the late 20th century.Of classic form and in good proportionrnof quality craftsmanship, free from…


Antique Firedogs, Andirons, Iron, Tall, Spit Racks, English, Victorian, C.1900

This is an antique pair of firedogs, or andirons, in iron and dating to the end of the victorian period c.1900.Crafted in iron, heavy and stablernstanding upon an arched leg with flattened feetrnrobus…


Pair Of Large, Gothic, Wrought Iron Fire Dogs, Medieval Revival Andirons C20th

This is a pair of large, gothic, wrought iron firedogs, medieval revival andirons forged in the 20th century.Bold andirons ideal for a large fire basketrnstanding upon a forward arch leg and a pair of…


Antique Station Chair, Victorian Lath Back, English Elm, Country Kitchen C1850

Our stock # lfa-1420this is an antique, victorian station chair dating to c.1850.The characteristic swirling grain pattern of the elm radiates through the aged patina in this interesting and sturdy si…


Antique Fire Basket, Free Standing, Victorian, Fireplace, Grate, Circa 1900

This is an antique fire basket, a free-standing victorian fireplace grate in iron dating to the late 19th century, circa 1900.Mid-sized, shaped at the rear to fit snugly into aperturernsuitable for al…


Antique Desk Stand, English, Edwardian, Gilt Metal Letter Rack, Inkwells C.1910

This is an antique desk stand, an english, edwardian gilt metal letter rack with inkwells dating to circa 1910.Impressive edwardian desk stand in gilt metalrnprofusely decorated with scroll, floral an…


Vintage Punch Bowl, Set Of Ten Cups, English, Mid 20th Century

This is a vintage punch bowl and set of ten cups, an english, mid 20th century glass party accoutrement.Desirable large punch bowlrnset of ten punch glasses with handlesrnattractive pressed decoration…


Antique Chair, Regency, Salon, Nursing, Bedroom Furniture, English Walnut C.1820

Our stock # lfa-1434this is a regency, antique nursing chair dating to c.1820.The quality walnut frame glows in warm honey hues with depth in the aged patina and tonal qualities of this period piece.R…


Period Giltwood Wall Mirror, Early 20th Century Hall, Vanity, Rococo Revival

Our stock # lfa-1512this is an elaborately carved revival mirror in the rococo taste dating to the early 20th century.Tall, carved giltwood frame rnfeaturing asymmetrical scroll mounts rncentral upper…


Antique Footed Bowl, Blue, White And Ochre, Ironstone, Fruit Circa 1900

This is an antique footed bowl in blue, white and ochre. An amherst japan ironstone fruit bowl, made in england c.1900.An attractive bowl in good condition throughoutrnpainted with floral and foliate…


Cast Iron Fire Back, Royal Crest, English, Heavy, Plate, Fireplace, 20th Century

This is a cast iron fire back displaying the royal crest. A heavy fire plate to back a fireplace and retain heat. A revival casting crafted in the late 20th century.Heavy fire back in cast iron with a…


Small Teak Bench, English, Arts & Crafts Revival Two Seat Form, Mid 20th Century

This is a small teak bench, an english, arts & crafts revival two seat form dating to the mid to late 20th century.Crafted in select teakrndisplaying good grain detail in a wax polished finishrnin goo…


Large, Vintage, Vietnamese, Baluster Vase, Oriental, Mid-late 20th Century

This is a large vintage vietnamese baluster vase, a highly decorated oriental ceramic vase with a flared neck, dating to the mid-late 20th century.Of classic form and in good proportionrnof quality cr…


Mid 20th Century Vintage Umbrella Stand, Deep, Floral, Ceramic Stick Pot

This is a mid 20th century vintage umbrella stand, a deep, floral ceramic stick pot.Attractively decorated with loose-hand flowers and foliagernblue bands to the top and bottomrntaller than most offer…


Pair Of Decorative Baluster Vases, Losol Ware Ceramic Urns, Keeling And Co.

This is a pair of decorative baluster vases, losol ware ceramic urns by keeling and co. Ltd, burslem, england.Imposing, quality pair of ceramic vases rnprofusely decorated in bright colours on a gold…


Antique Log Bin, Edwardian, Bound Metal, Fireside Box, Arts And Crafts, C.1910

This is an antique log bin. An edwardian, bound metal, fireside box with arts and crafts overtones dating to the early 20th century, circa 1910.A pleasing mid-size fireside storage bin rnpresented in…