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Victorian Antique Communion Rail In English Oak, Ecclesiastical C.1900

This is an antique communion rail in english oak dating to the victorian period c.1900.Appealing dark oak tones with desirable aged patinarnrobust construction, solid and stablerna pair of quality, st…


Antique Communion Rail In English Oak, Victorian Ecclesiastical C.1900

This is an antique communion rail in english oak dating to the victorian period c.1900.Appealing dark oak tones with desirable aged patinarnrobust construction, solid and stablerna pair of quality, st…


Victorian Antique Wall Mirror, Giltwood & Gesso Frame, Jasperware Plaque, C.1890

This is a victorian antique wall mirror in a giltwood and gesso frame featuring a jasperware plaque, c.1890.Beautifully contrasted giltwood and wedgewood blue, ovular framernfluted lower mount rises i…


Regency Antique Pier Mirror In Giltwood & Gesso, Early 19th Century C.1820

This is a regency antique pier mirror in giltwood and gesso dating to the early 19th century c.1820.Highly desirable natural colour and patina to the giltwood framernsuperb proportions in classical fo…


Antique Side Table With Carved Decoration, English Oak, 1908

This is an antique side table with carved decoration in english oak dating to march 1908. Warm hues and a desirable aged patina in the wax polished finishrninscribed with the maker's name 'r pike mar…


Late Georgian Antique Chest Of Drawers, Mahogany, English, Commode C.1780

This is a late georgian, antique chest of drawers in mahogany. An english piece dating to c.1780.Superb colour and grain interest in the warm hues of the mahoganyrnarranged in the classic 2 over 3 con…


Antique Foot Stool In Walnut, Needlepoint Tapestry Cloth, English, Victorian C.1

This is an antique foot stool in walnut with a needlepoint tapestry cloth. An english piece dating to the victorian era c.1860.Deep, warm tones to the walnut framerndesirable colour and an aged patina…


Antique Set Of 4 Dining Chairs, Liberty Taste, English, Oak, Edwardian C.1910

This is an antique set of 4 dining chairs in the liberty taste. English, in oak and dating to the early 20th century, edwardian c.1910.Superior quality and beautifully proportionedrnin the liberty tas…


Bijouterie Glazed Display Table, Mahogany, Late C20th Specimen Cabinet

This is a bijouterie, glazed, display table in mahogany and dating to the late 20th century.Dark waxed finish to the solid mahogany casernglazed all round for excellent light distributionrnlid lifts o…


Antique Piano Stool, English Oak Music Seat, Edwardian C.1910

This is an antique piano stool, an english oak music seat dating to the edwardian period c.1910.Solid english oak displaying good colour and grain interestrnpadded, brass hinged seat with chain stay t…


Mid-century Chinese Rosewood Coffee Table, Traditional Form

This is a mid-century chinese rosewood coffee table in traditional form.Rich, warm colour in a satin waxed finishrnthe pierced carving a real feature of this otherwise typically understated piecernwel…


Chinese Rosewood 3 Seater Bench In Traditional Form Dating To Late 20th Century

This is a chinese rosewood 3 seater bench in traditional form, dating to the late 20th century.In super condition with good consistent colourrnshaped crest rail runs sinuously into 'cow horn' armsrnob…


1930's Vintage Oak Desk By Maggs & Co, English Pedestal Library

This is a 1930's vintage oak desk by maggs & co of bristol. An english pedestal library table.Period and original in very good order throughoutrnthe oak with mellow honey tones in a waxed finishrnblin…


Edwardian Antique Side Table, Mahogany, English C.1910

This is an edwardian antique side table in mahogany. English dating to c.1910.Dark mahogany with a satin waxed finish to the toprnclassically styled with slender cabriole legsrnrising sinuously into t…


Large Antique Pedestal Desk, English, Mahogany, Victorian, Partners C.1860

This is a large antique pedestal desk. An english piece in mahogany and dating to the mid victorian period, c.1860.Superior quality in country house proportionrnhighly desirable natural aged colourati…


Mid-size Antique Tilt Top Table, Circular, Georgian, Oak C.1760

This is a mid-size antique tilt top table. A circular, georgian oak tea table dating to c.1760.Spectacular grain interest in the oak, five plank toprnwisps of medullary rays shine through the deep wax…


Antique Buffet, Scottish Server Cabinet, Mahogany, Mid Victorian C.1870

This is an antique buffet, a scottish server cabinet in mahogany dating to the mid victorian period c.1870.Pleasingly patinated and good colour throughoutrndeep russet tones in the generous stocks of…


Antique Club Wine Table, Mahogany, William Iv, English, C.1830

This is an antique club wine table in mahogany, a william iv english piece dating to c.1830.A superior example of good proportionrnhighly desirable colour and patinarnlipped top with moulded edge deta…


Antique Side Table, Carved Green Man English Oak Stand, Whatnot C.1880

This is an antique side table, a carved green man english oak stand or whatnot dating to c.1880.Deep rich colour with a desirable aged patina to the english oakrnthree tiers raised on unusually stout,…


Antique Bedside Table, Mahogany Pot Cupboard, Nightstand C1900

This is an antique bedside table, a mahogany pot cupboard, or nightstand, dating to the end of the 19th century.Raised on turned, tapered fruitwood legs. The feet capped in polished bronze shoes, this…


Scottish Set Of 4 Antique Dining Chairs, Oak, Victorian C.1900

This is a scottish set of 4 antique dining chairs in oak dating to the late victorian period c.1900.A carver and three side chairsrndesirable dark tones and an aged patina to the oakrnattractive carve…


Ceramic Pedestal With Rouge Marble Effect Finish, Late C20th Plant Stand

This is a ceramic pedestal with rouge marble effect finish, a late c20th plant stand.Standing in a broad white collared baserngilt lined at the perimeterrnfluted column in classical tasternastonishing…


Large Victorian Dinner Gong With Beater In English Oak Frame, C.1870

This is a large victorian dinner gong with beater in english oak frame, c.1870.Large 53cm (20.75") bronze gong with pitted decorationrnsuspended by a leather straprnwithin a robust oak framerndisplayi…


Victorian Antique Corner Wardrobe, Mahogany, English C.1880

This is an victorian antique corner wardrobe in mahogany. An english cabinet dating to c.1880.Quality craftsmanship in mahogany displaying honey tonesrngood, consistent colour and grain interest in th…