A Nouveau Green Spring

A Nouveau Green Spring

Christmas is, finally, over and life is returning to its usual, relative, calm. The decorations have been boxed and shoved into lofts, under stairs, or anywhere where we pray that they don’t succumb to damp and dust; awaiting patiently the next year. The home now, as happens every year, is suffering from the post festivities blues: the once homely warm and inviting house is feeling, well a little cold.

Spring however is the perfect time to invite something new into your home, be it ornamental or practical, simply the addition of a new tone can revive a sleepy living space. Green, a color out of favor for a while now, is making a return, and of all the colors there are more tones, shades, types of green than any other (well that’s what colorists have told me, although I can’t verify it!).

For the style conscious among you I should also add that emerald green is one of Pantone’s colours of 2013. Some of the newest greens I’ve seen in accent furniture and furnishing of late have been harking back to an Arts and Crafts/Art Nouveau colour palette, a period of time which embraced nature and beauty resulting in some of the most stunning tones of green used, in everything from William Morris wall paper to stunning vases, even the drink of choice, Absinthe, was green.


Art Nouveau has long been one of my favorite design periods: my student walls were awash with Mucha posters, and my room littered with trinket boxes and mirrors with reclining women in flowing dresses with flowers strewn over them. The Art Nouveau style very much linked the 19th century to the 20th century, blossoming in the 1890’s until the outbreak of World War 1, it is also sometimes referred to as ‘Tiffany’ style, ‘Modernismo’ in Spain but means ‘New Art’ in French. It was both a philosophical and artistic movement, which, like the Arts and Crafts movement, which preceded it, rejected mass production and over ornamentation.

Instead it drew its influence from the lines found within nature and the sinuous lines reminiscent of those found within the Rococo movement. Personally I love Art Nouveau simply because it produced some of the most breathtakingly beautiful items and art. If you like the idea of adding a little Art Nouveau green into your own home than Ceramics could be just the thing. A wide variety of Art Nouveau Vases where produced right across Europe and I’ve illustrated a few examples below.


You can search Art Nouveau by using the facility located at the top right of the home page and then select Ceramics if you whish to view vases. If you have anything to add or you are a dealer who would like to see your products online here please contact us.

Happy New Year


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A Nouveau Green Spring

Green is trending for Spring 2013 and the art nouveau period produced some of the most beautiful tones, take inspiration from William Morris and Mucha and consider an Art Nouveau vase as an easy way to invite the trend into your home for 2013.