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Complete Set Of The Encyclopedia Britannica 1898

Published by adam and charles black, edinburgh, 1898. Subtitled: a dictionary of arts, sciences, and general literature. 1898 reprint. The ninth and tenth edition belong together and make the complet…


Dunhill Leather Cased Contour Road Book Of England 1906

Dunhill leather cased 'contour road book of england' 1906. The case marked dunhill on the inside flap. The road book is a series of elevation plans of the roads with measurements and descriptive lett…


A Very Rare Signed Francis Bacon Book

A very rare book with an associational inscription by francis bacon in near mint conditiontitle: interviews with francis bacon' by david sylvesterin this publication david sylvester explores the philo…


Antique Books : A Rare Pair Of Arthurian Legend Books With Calf Covers - 1899

A rare pair of arthurian legend books with calf and gilt covers - 1899the high history of the holy graal - volume 1 and volume 2. Translated from the french by sebastian evans. Published by j.M. Dent…


Atlas De Joan Martines 1587, Limited Edition No 1152

A limited edition no 1152/5000 of atlas de joan martines 1587, publications service of the ministry of education and science, madrid 1973, 1973. Prints unpaginated facsimile 60 x 42 cm large format. P…